Joseph B. Sankovich & Associates has provided evaluation and support services for (arch)diocesan and parish cemeteries throughout the United States and Canada since 1990, working in 40 (arch)dioceses and directly addressing the needs of more than 1,500 parish cemeteries.   Currently the firm is accepting limited evaluation engagements, and is working diligently to support the implementation of the 6 manuals in The Toolbox for Parish Cemeteries.  To accomplish this, the firm has also accepted the support of experienced Catholic cemetery directors, both active and retired, in various areas of the United States who are willing to teach (arch)diocesan workshops for pastors and all other Catholic cemetery employees and volunteers. To further inquire about evaluation and seminar presentation services, contact [email protected] or telephone (520) 546-9720.

Joseph Sankovich is available to work with priests, deacons, and pastoral minister groups in a seminar format to teach the contemporary mission/ministry of Catholic cemeteries, to explore expanded ministerial opportunities in the parish cemetery environment, and to focus on new approaches to teach prayer for the dead, especially to younger people.